Hall of Fame

Florida 4H Foundation Hall of Fame 2

The Florida 4-H Hall of Fame was established in 2002 to recognize outstanding individuals who have made a contribution to the 4-H program. Established during the national 4-H program’s centennial year, one hundred members were inducted into the Florida 4-H Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame’s members include outstanding 4-H alumni, volunteers, extension agents, program leaders, and supporters. Many tell us that being named to membership in the Hall of Fame is one of the most-treasured recognition in their lives. An additional four to five members are inducted into the Hall of Fame each year. Nomination forms are available through the Florida 4-H Foundation.

Please feel free to sort through Hall of Fame inductees by name, year as well as by using our search tool to learn more about each individual. Simply click on their name for their detailed profile (if applicable)

Woody Larson2002
Woodrow Brown2002
Wilmer Bassett2002
Wilma Tindell2002
Willie Haas2002
William Earl Byrd2002
Wendell Taylor2002
Warren Schmidt2002
Walter Thomas2002
Walter B. Arnold, Jr.2002
Virgil Elkinsl2002
Tony Jensen2002
Toby Turner2012
Thomas Skinner2002
Thomas Braddock2005
Thomas and Earlece Greenawalt2002
Terry Stout2015
Terry Floyd2002
Sue Young Bledsoe2008
Sue Fisher2002
Steven Futch2002
Shirley Risser2015
Shirley Bond2003
Shelda Wilkens2014
Sandra Shaw Bekemeyer2005
Sandra Brubaker2002
Sandra Blackadar2008
Ruth Milton2002
Rose Marzella2011
Robert Renner2002
Robert King2002
Robert Anderson2002
Reginald Brown2002
Raymond Blacklock2002
Rance Andrews 2002
Phoebe Hodges Raulerson2002
Paul Dinkins2003
Oscar Harrison2002
Norman Mehrhof2002
Nettie Ruth Brown2002
Nell Ohff2003
Nancy Alward Roberts2002
Nadine Hackler2002
Michael McKinney2013
Michael Kenney2009
Melinda Gamot2004
Maxine Clayton2002
Max Hammond2002
Marylou Shirar2002
Mary Urquhart2005
Mary Nall Harrison2002
Mary Leon2002
Marjorie Modesky2006
Marilyn Halusky2007
Marie Nickels2002
Marie Hammer2002
M. Langley Bell, Jr.2002
Luther Harrell2002
Louise Johnson2002
Louise Cox2002
Louis Gilbreath2002
Lorene Stevens2002
Lisa Hinton2002
Linda Dearmin Cook2004
Lester Kalch2002
Larry Williams2008
Larry and Susan Reese 2010
Lamar Camp2002
Kevin Hyde2002
Kent Price2002
Kenneth McMullen2002
Katherine Smith2012
Karen Kirkendall2010
Judy Keller2002
Judson Minear2002
Joy Wren Satcher2004
John Woeste2002
John and Mary McKeon2002
Joe Busby2002
Joe and Leslie Allen2002
Joan Hughes Odom2002
Jean Guidy2009
James Watson2002
James Stephens2002
James Gorman2002
James Glisson2002
James Croft2002
James Browning2002
James Brasher2002
James and Linda Parks2002
Jacqueline Dupont2002
J. Lowell Loadholtz2010
Isaac Chandler, Jr.2002
Herbert Morgan2002
Henry Swanson2002
Helen Fleming2002
Helen Adler2002
Hariot Greene2002
H. Fred Dietrich, III2006
Gloria Bohannon2012
Gladys Freeman2006
George Corey2013
Gene and Cordella LaRoe2007
Fred Barber2002
Fred and Linda Burnett2008
Frank Sullivan2006
Francis Gindl2002
Frances Dianne Spann2015
Floy Britt2002
F. Allen Boyd, Jr.2002
Evalena Tatum Vann2012
Emily King2002
Elaine Shook2009
Earle LucasLucas2002
Earl Gill2006
E. T. York2007
Dr. Robert Bruce Christmas, Sr.2010
Dr. Elva Farrell2011
Doyle Conner2002
Doris Base2002
Donald Lander2002
Diane Anderson2002
Deloris Jones2002
David Timberlake2002
Darwin Fuchs2002
Dan and Sara Nicholson2002
Damon Miller2002
Colan Coody2014
Clarence Reaves2002
Charles Hampson2002
Carol Gollnick2002
Bobby Ray Durden2013
Bobby Damron2015
Bobbi Watson2014
Bob Graham2002
Billy Matthews2002
Bill Nelson2002
Betty Jo Tompkins2009
Betty Hicks2011
Betty Glassburn2002
Bette Jones2002
Bernard Lewis2011
Bernard Clark2003
Ben Campen2002
Barry Hoffman2015
Barbara Nagle2014
Barbara Eveland2002
B. J. Allen2002
Audrey Johnson2002
Arthur Bissett2002
Annette Conn2009
Anne Peterson2013
Alice Storms2002
Adam Putnam2002
A. T. Andrews2002
Faye Culp2016
Joy Jordan2016
John Rutledge2016
Ruth Ann Scurry2016
Dr. Marilyn Norman2017
Victoria Simpson2017
Cecil Tucker, III2017
Jean McMillian2017
Linda Syfrett2017
Alice Ayers2017