• Polk County
  • Volunteer, Extension Agent
  • Inducted 2002

Arthur Bissett

The man who loved 4-H and started 4-H clubs during the Great Depression


Arthur Bissett was successful in a variety of his career endeavors. He worked as a field representative for Florida Citrus Mutal, a supervisor for Franklin D. Rosevelt’s Resettlement Administration program and as an independent citrus grower and cattleman.


But none of these accomplishments, compare to the pride and satisfaction he found during the 27 years of service he gave to Polk County 4-H.


“Arthur loved 4-H and donated much of his time and energy to the program,” said his wife, Doris.


In 1942 while World War II raged, Bissett was given the task of starting 4-H programs in Polk County.


Over the course of 27 years he led 4-H clubs and in-school programs throughout the county. He personally worked with approximately twenty clubs through after school and weekend programs.  He had a profound effect on the lives of many young people. “Youth work is a part of me,” Mr. Bissett said.


“The opportunity to pioneer 4-H programming in Polk County meant a lot to him because as a young boy he participated in a local program similar to 4-H, but 4-H wasn’t yet available in Polk County,” said former Extension Associate Nicole Walker.  “He was happy to be able to give something to the young people of Polk County.”