• Florida 4-H
  • Volunteer
  • Inducted 2015

Barry Hoffman


Although Barry’s youngest son graduated from the Leon County 4-H program 11 years ago, he has remained an active volunteer in the program. Barry continues to serve in roles on the State 4-H Horse Advisory Committee and Area A Planning Committee. He volunteers each year at the 4-H Awards Banquet, and continues to providesupport to The Trailblazers 4-H Club, which he himself led for 18 years.


Throughout the years as leader of the longest running 4-H Horse Club in the County,  Barry never had fewer than 15 4-Hers in his club, and he always challenged them to not only complete the horse record book and other horse activities, but to also become actively involved in the other programs 4-H has to offer. As a result, many of the members also participated in 4-H County and District Events and competed in 4-H Agricultural and Poultry Judging at the North Florida Fair.


As 4-H club leader, Barry wanted to see members participate in as many opportunities aspossible, including 4-H Horse Camp at Camp Timpoochee. When Barry realized that several families struggled with the cost for their child to attend, he organized a committee to raise the funds needed for all club members to attend the camp should they wish to. Barry’s committee held a county-wide 4-H Horse Expo that provided folks with the opportunity to participate in “hands on” sessions about riding techniques, horse management, take sales, and more. Enough money was raised to send each and every 4-H club member to camp and helped with other club expenses throughout the year.


Barry can still be found at the 4-H Area A Horse show, showing support for his countydelegation, but also making sure set up is done safely and done so according to the State 4-H Horse Show rules. He is always willing to help with the gates, putting up jumps, and is known for encouraging his past 4-H members to comeback and volunteer at the show.   Leon County 4-H Agent, Marcus Boston, described Barry’s character with a memory of when he was once stranded on the side of the road en route to the quarterly 4-H Area A Horse Advisory Meeting which he was, at the time, the chair of. WhenMarcus called Barry, in a state of helplessness, Barry did not hesitate to assist getting help for Marcus’ vehicle and even attended the meeting and served as chair in his absence. .

Barry has always shown dedication to not only Leon County 4-H, but to surrounding county programs and the state 4-H program. Barry has a unique personality that lets everyone know he is someone special.