• Collier County
  • Animal Science, Junior Leadership, Bicycle Safety, Photography, Clothing Construction, Gardening, Dog Obedience Projects
  • Member, Extension Agent, Supporter
  • Inducted 2002

Nancy Alward Roberts

A 4-H alumna gives back to the program that taught her entrepreneurship


Nancy Alward Roberts joined 4-H in 1957 as a young club member in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.  During her eleven years as a club member Roberts participated in animal science, junior leadership, bicycle safety, photography, sewing, gardening and dog obedience projects.


She attended National 4-H Congress twice and became a 4-H ambassador in 1967-1968. Her involvement with 4-H didn’t end once she graduated from club member status.  In 1970 she became a 4-H agent in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, where she worked for seven years before becoming an agent in Lee County, Florida for two years.


While serving as an agent she helped many youth make it to many State and National 4-H events. “She enjoyed helping kids who were without, get ahead,” said Linda Denning, retired Collier County 4-H agent.


“As an agent, Mrs. Roberts took pride in bringing young people through the ranks of 4-H, helping them achieve their dreams,” said Denning.  “She helped them serve as junior leaders and develop and take their skills on into adult life.”


Roberts continues to be a strong financial supporter of 4-H programs and uses the Allstate matching gifts program, through her employment as an insurance agent, to maximize her contributions.  She is one of the single greatest and consistent individual donors to the 4-H program in Collier County.


Since 1981 she has sponsored the leadership, animal science, citizenship and recognition programs in Collier County.  She never misses a livestock auction or a 4-H awards program.


While Roberts has given much to 4-H, she says it is the least she can do for all she has gained from the program. “I learned entrepreneurship through 4-H,” said Roberts.  “Many of the business skills I use today began developing during my 4-H career. Record keeping, public speaking, perseverance, discipline, responsibility – I honed them all in 4-H.”