• Okeechobee County
  • Animal Science, Beef, Livestock Judging, Horse, Dairy
  • Extension Agent
  • Inducted 2002

Rayburn “Kent” Price

An extension agent impacts thousands of young people and influences the dairy industry


Rayburn “Kent” Price has had a long and distinguished career with the Florida 4-H program as an extension agent, leader and mentor for thousands of Florida youth. Throughout his career he organized cattle judging teams in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Okeechobee counties. He organized the first 4-H horse club in the state.


Price has been honored many times for his service to 4-H and his community. For more than half a century he has worked with 4-H boys and girls. Price said he feels he has received more training than they have from his participation.


He enjoys watching a shy boy or girl learn in 4-H to work, cooperate, play and accomplish goals with others while developing self-confidence and pride. He says that the most cherished things he has now are the wonderful memories of his years teaching other.


As an extension agent in Miami-Dade, Okeechobee and Palm Beach counties he was an integral part of the dairy industry in south Florida. Price was instrumental in the success of the dairy industry as it matured. Price taught an entire generation of young dairymen the selection and care of superior dairy animals.


Although he retired from the Florida Cooperative Extension Service in 1984, Price continues to support the program by organizing 4-H clubs. He also mentors youth, encourages parents to get involved and gives extension agents a helping hand.


“It has been so rewarding to take a youngster with interest and teach the selection, care and showmanship of an animal,” said Price. “The pleasure of observing these many youth is overwhelming. Each one of the many has left a mark on me and I trust I was able to leave a positive mark on them.”