• Seminole County
  • Agent
  • Inducted 2014
  • Accepts her hall of fame medallion

Shelda Wilkens



Ms.  Wilkens was a 4-H Agent in Seminole County for 26 years, attributing her success to a “hands off approach,” which may have seemed a little unorthodox to some, but it made her one of the state’s most successful 4-H Agents. She has received IFAS Gold and Silver Image Awards and countless FAE4-HA Search for Excellence and Communicator Awards. Over her career she was able to raise over 1 million dollars in funding for awards, camps, scholarships and trips to participate in regional and national competitions, proving she has an excellent ability to get local businesses and private donors to contribute to the 4-H program, thus increasing resources for youth. Shelda had a hand in starting the 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking program in Seminole County, which today reaches approximately 85% of all 6th graders in the county. Shelda has always been highly respected by her peers and is known for giving positive support and mentorship to new 4-H Agents and decision making, communication, and leadership skills to youth.  I’ll now read a few quotes from 4-Hers, Volunteers, and parents who were touched by Shelda:


“I was always most impressed by Shelda’s understanding and focus on the fact that 4-H was for the youth and about the youth, allowing them to become leaders and be leaders, letting them determine their direction and setting their own course by simply providing herself as their resource for growth.”


“Shelda has influenced me more than probably any other adult in forming me to become the person I am today.”


“She never made it feel like it was a duty to help us, she truly seemed to enjoy it and that is why we could never get enough of her and 4-H!”


“Shelda was respected by all, liked by all and gave 4-H her all.”