• Florida 4-H
  • Member, Volunteer
  • Inducted 2015

Shirley Risser


Shirley is an alumna of the Orange County 4-H Program and has maintained involvement ever since. In 1966, when her daughter Nancy was 8 years old, Shirley started the Windy Acres 4-H Club of which she was the leader for more than 30 years. Now Nancy has taken on the role of club leader for the club and Shirley’sgranddaughter Erin is the leader of the Wrangles 4-H Club. Shirley started a tradition that has become three-generations of 4-H club leaders, and has the unique opportunity to watch her great-grand children grow up in 4-H. Erin, says that Shirley is her inspiration. Her kindness and willingness to help anyone just makes Erin who she is today. She says she is blessed to be able to follow in her and her mother’s footsteps.


Shirley is a staple in the Orange County 4-H Program and her leadership qualities are exemplary. Shirley always makes sure that the 4-H youth get a fair shot in whatever they chose. Every year Shirley ensures that youth have a place to house their livestock market projects by donating stalls and acreage located at her family’s ranch. She feels very strongly about the life lessons and skills that 4-H members acquire from raising their own animals; responsibility, financial management, and the industry overall.


In addition to being a club leader, Shirley has been a “mom” to the kids in her club and she still maintains contact with many of her previous club members. If there ever was a child who could not afford to show, she was there to help. Whether it was a horse show, setting up a booth at the fair, or having a club meeting, Shirley could always be counted on.

Shirley provides support to 4-H members, fellow volunteers, and to the overall Orange County 4-H program, and is always there to give a pat on the back. Shirley feels that her volunteer work in 4-H hasbeen the best days of her life, and would be eager to do it all again. Elver Pardo, Orange County 4-H Agent and co-nominator, referred to Shirley as a 4-H Legend, and In 2012, Shirley was inducted into the Orange County 4-H Hall of Fame.