• Florida 4-H
  • Member, Volunteer
  • Inducted 2015

Terry Stout


Mr. Stout is a 4-H alumnus of Okaloosa County and continued to use the leadership and life skills he gained as a 4-Her throughout his career with the US military. As soon as his two daughters came of 4-H age, Terry enrolled them into a 4-H horse club so they could learn the same leadership and horsemanship skills that he did as a member. Terry volunteered as a project leader and a chaperone for the club. Not long after, Terry became instrumental in forming the Okaloosa County Horse Advisory Committee and the County 4-H Foundation; he currently serves as the President of the Okaloosa County 4-H Advisory Committee and is the 4-H liaison to the Okaloosa Overall Extension Advisory Committee.


While very active on the county level, Mr. Stout’s service does not stop there. Over 20 years ago, as his daughters became old enough to compete at the district level, he became involved in the Area A 4-H Horse Advisory Committee. Although hischildren have graduated from the Florida 4-H Program, Terry has remained committed to the 4-H Horse Program; he currently serves as Vice President of the Area A Committee and continues to help with both the district and statehorse show every year.


Being a volunteer himself, Mr. Stout understands the vital role they play within the 4-H Program and he has been influential in volunteer recruitment. He recruited his colleagues at Lockheed Martin to participate in a focus group to help 4-H learn about engaging corporate employees as volunteers, which was part of apilot program to develop a model. This model is now being implemented in other states with a Lockheed Martin Presence.

When asked why he has stayed involved in 4-H as a volunteer, Terry says, “I have learned a lot both as a 4-H member and a volunteer, and I have stayed on many advisory boards because I know I can help most by being a voice for youth and other volunteers.”